Some more bits and pieces in a sketch-book clear-out.. some are just 5 minute things from the last Dr Sketchy Belfast I was at.. (you can guess which ones..)

I see... Goth backing? Dr Sketchy - In Repose Dr Sketchy - Flirt Considerating Get away from me...!

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Dr Sketchy strikes again!

Actually should have posted these back in April, as they are from the Belfast Dr Sketchy event back at the start of the month. Anyways, these are some of the better little 5 minute things that I scribbled down, before the next event in May:

Also, here’s a quick character sketch that I’m working on for a friend’s book - hopefully more details when he gets closer to finishing it :)
The Dr Haunted
Next, to post some thoughts and links from Barcamp Belfast last weekend.

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FOWA in Dublin

Terrified by security concerns?  Be glad you weren’t at Steve Willison’s talk - XSS, injection attacks and CSRF reared their heads again.  I rack my brains over how this would affect the cadre of sites.

On the upside, most of the talks so far have been incredibly empowering… wish there was more tech insight, but the business insight is incredibly interesting.  Talks from luminaries of 37 signals and last.fm really kick home what can still be done, and it’s inspiring to note the number of people who have flown from the far end of Europe to be here for this one day.  Wonder what the next year will bring…

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Character study - can I use that term?

With friend-wise permission, some sketches wot I did recently:

Not a completely new angle :) Outside Auntie Annies, scaring Jason Webley Some day, I'll be able to add hair within an hour...

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Enter stage left

So, yes, it’s been a while.  I’m just posting up a brain-dump of most of the bits and pieces that I’ve doodled or drawn over the past month or so - you can take a look, and see if you are reminded or amused by any of it.  I’ve started to compile a few visual memories into drawings, as practice and almost as a visual diary… my own memory not being the most reliable in the world.  I’m not sure how much of that I’ll post here, tho…

If you’re passing through, post a comment and say ‘Hi’ - alphabetic nourishment for my hungry eyes.  They need to be constantly fed :)

Elaine Like an elephant.. but funkier. ..Still an elephant tho. Halloween with Andrew is creepy I don\'t know... Heather This looks very 80s to me... It\'s Yet Another Explanation For Where The Odd Socks Go Talk like them... arrr! Could have been a contender A moody cloaked circle.. with colour! It\'s delicious, and it\'s a bun

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Been kinda lazy

Been slacking heavily for the past couple of weeks, but in between doodling stuff that’s just horrifyingly bad, I did do some of the following.. :)  They’re a bit smudged unfortunately, due to my over-zealous pencilling, and having lay in my sketchbook for a while before scanning.

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So here’s one of Monday’s drawings… on Tuesday :)  I’m on a mission to prove that Facebook is generally a bad idea if you don’t want someone to pick at it, find your image, and proceed to turn it into something sketchy…

I decided to keep the male-female ratio of photo sketches relatively even; hence my current victims.  Again, a cookie to anyone who spots the likeness ;)  Faces and hands are all about the details, as many will tell you - sometimes not even the details that you actually include…  Spider Jerusalem lives!!

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I’ve realised that I need to invest in some larger pencils, given the amount of shading I seem to do :)  On the other hand, I really want to make some of these ideas more “finished”; in painted or animated form.  An hour isn’t really enough to do this, so I’m going to try and do shorter posts for this and work on turning a few into more respectable creations. Â Like Pygmalion for sketches…

As it is, I’m a day behind - here’s one that should have gone up on Friday.  I like the fact that I’ve actually started to act on the simple little “that would be interesting” thoughts that I normally file away with all the best intentions in the world.  If you haven’t heard of Gauntlet, this may not make a lot of sense. Â The style is still too indistinct.. neither cartoon nor realism..

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Mark as Urgent

This one is based on a darkly comic short story written by John Clerkin - it’s an excellent vignette about a disgruntled gardener for a future corporation.  I’m trying to convince him to have a stab at doing a graphic version - the only problem is that the story would almost need to be told in reverse :)

I start out meaning to do a more comic-style, and just keep fiddling with it.  The fore-shortened perspective was to try and make it more claustrophobic, but I don’t think it’s worked out - I think it’s too busy.  Still, that’s an hour :)

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Time is short

Spent much of yesterday fiddling with other non-drawing things (well, if you exclude Flash), but I woke up this morning at about 5:30, flicked up Facebook to notice a few old housemates had changed their profile pics, and started drawing.  A cookie if you can guess who this is… as I’m not sure about the likeness, and I seem to have a constant habit of elongating people’s faces… (hopefully she doesn’t mind this).  The hair should be dark, as this took a bit over an hour…

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