Step on board

This is one that I scribbled down a skeleton for a while back, and it still took me an hour to do this much. I like the concept, but I think it still needs something (I probably could have done without putting much detail in the boat).

The influence.. obvious?

Edit: I cropped away some of the background stuff, which has improved it a lot..

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Cultural slippage…

The Friday drawing mysteriously got… delayed. I’ve been helping out some friends at the local gaming/scifi/anime convention (q-con.org.uk/) so I’m pretty dead as of about 9pm Sunday. I did get to see a few faces who I hadn’t seen in ages, despite living in such a small part of the world. Here’s a couple of weird screwy things I drew during down-time, although there’s an obvious influence from the Anime and fantasy trappings surrounding me (I’m sure there will be cos-player pics on the convention site any day now…).
An Invader football player.. yesterday. Probably. It's pronounced drag-oh-nee
Edit: In the cold, harsh light of day, I’m fervently resisting simply removing these… (repeats mantra… “mistakes in public”)…

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Puppet torture
I’ll get the hang of mornings sometime soon… Days without incident: 2…

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Number of days without incident: 0

Something is coming… access to scanner; limited…

Here’s something a little different, however:

Angling for emotion
Funny thing is, I’m more interested in the angler in the distance now…

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Underground, wombling free

Well, I was told to “experiment in public”, so consider this one of those.. that should have been up last night. As recompense, I’ll post another one later today, as this didn’t take the full hour :)

Bonus: Some extra small heads of people - who will probably disown me on realising that they’re supposed to look like them… :) A quartet?

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Underground, wombling free

Apologies for the sucky timing - I passed straight out last night…
I should have realised just how much shading goes into something like this… bloody light sources. Still needs work - darker pencil to define it, but here it is warts and all.

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Who are you?

Big man, small man
I never realised how short an hour could be… and how much I need to learn about trees.

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The first cut

A cliche, but it’s a start.  I really wanted to try and get some perspective…

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It began in the spring of the mind’s eye…

Hi there, and welcome to the first of… several… blog posts.  There will be drawings, illustrations, and all sorts of other wonderful, visual art displayed here (with a strictly enforced time limit).  This is largely inspired by the sterling work being being forcibly ejected from the minds of several friends (linked to the right of this); Olga, Belinda, and Elaine.  Soon, I will begin the forced march through my capabilities to hopefully accompany their foray.  For the moment, simply enjoy the ambience…

And the emptiness…

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