What’s all this about?

This? Started as a straight drawing blog, in the same vein as Olga’s, Belinda’s and Elaine’s month methods for music and writings (go say ‘Hi’; they’re very friendly). ¬†Just to keep developing my drawing technique. ¬†Though I’m really a tech guy, so it’s all a empathy-driven techno-art amalgam… probably.

The important part is that art and opinion is posted, as I accelerate done this winding worn road that I’m taking. It also means that some things may be a little rough around the edges (to say the least), but then ideas have to start somewhere.

Or at least, that’s the plan.


Posted on June 12th, 2008 |

2 Responses

  1. Rob Says:

    Would take something to make you concentrate :)
    However I am more than impressed with the quality of the drawing !

  2. mark chapman Says:


    I had no idea you were so good at artwork! The best I can manage is a cube…

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